Package «Modern»
Package «Modern» - 3D Visualization of the interior in a modern style.
Package «Modern» | kitchen in a modern style Package «Modern» | Bathroom in a modern style
Package «Modern» | Office in a modern style Package «Modern» | Room girl in a modern style

Package «Modern» —

3D visualization of the interior in modern style. Ideal for minimalistic simple shaped interiors absent of exclusive furniture which helps to imagine future interior and make summaries about the project. «Modern» package creates the feeling of shape, color, volume and space in its fullest and is dipping the viewer into the future interior atmosphere.

Price and options for package «Modern»

M2 Room
The M2 option is calculated individually based on the m2 of the floor area
Price per m2

from 3$ to 5$

The Room option is used for small spaces such as baths and toilets as well as indoor areas smaller then 35m2

from 100$ to 150$

Package «Modern» | Bedroom in modern style Package «Modern» | Living in a modern style
Package «Modern» | Children's room in a modern style Package «Modern» | Bedroom with study in a modern style

1. Plain white with models

Package «Modern» | How we work | Stage White model

At this stage we observe the geometry of the scene and choose the correct angle of the camera.

2. Color

Package «Modern» | How we work | Stage Color

At this stage we decide the colors of the materials and apply the materials to the models.

3. Pre-final

Package «Modern» | How we work | Step Prefinal

Adding details and decoration to the scene. Implementing the quality improvement image post processing. At this stage you get to see the final version.

4. Final

Package «Modern» | How we work | Final Stage

Rendering of the final High quality image.